Below are some larger priced items (and everyday items) that we need for better running of the rescue. Please have the items shipped to:

Belinda Donovan
132 Jervis Bay Road
Falls Creek NSW 2540

Passwell Good Oil

This oil is added to an emergency seabird diet which adjusts the nutrient profile to be more in line with a whole fish diet. Passwell Good Oil (retail $12.00)

Puppy Pads

Puppy pads are used for hygiene and monitoring of faecal output of sea birds whilst in intensive care. Oz Premium Pads (retail $20.00)

Aquarium Heater

We require aquarium heaters for venemous sea snakes in our intensive care aquarium. Petworx Glass Heater (retail $32.99)

High Quality Tinned Food

We use a lot of tins of A/D as a sea bird emergency diet. It is used in the initial care when debilitated seabirds are unable to digest whole fish properly and require a readily digestible pureed diet. Hills Prescription Diet Food (retail $90.00)

Trampoline Dog Beds

These beds are important while seabirds are in aviary care and pre release housing. These elevated beds allow large species of seabirds to be high enough from the ground for their tail feathers to be off the ground and are easily cleaned to aid in the prevention of infections in their feet while in care. Kazoo Classic Bed (retail $90.00)

Flea, Tick & Heartworm Medication

This is used for the treatment of fleas, heartworm and worms for our dogs. Smaller Dogs (retail $90.00), Larger Dogs (retail $99.00)

Collapsible Swimming Pool

We will use this for the pre-release required to give seabirds fitness, access to salt water and encourage preening. H2GO Steel Frame Pool (retail $150.00)

Pet Carrier

An appropriate sized carrier for large seabirds that make it easier for transportation. We require a few of these, as when we have numerous seabirds in care we can clean and rotate carriers with minimal disturbance to our sensitive patients. Bono Fido Canvas Carrier (retail $270)

Security Cameras

These cameras will enable us to remotely monitor animals in their outdoor holding facilities. They will also allow us to monitor their behaviour and social interactions with other animals in their enclosures without disturbing them. Uniden App Cam SOLO PRO 2K (retail $279.95)

Large 1000L Holding Tubs

These tubs are necessary for holding all manner of different species that come in injured during their intensive care period. 1000L Polyethylene Tubs (retail $495.00)

Aquarium Lighting

We need UV globes and light housing units for 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft glass tanks. Aquarium Central Online (retail varies)


A microscope will enable us to visualise parasites too small to be seen by the unaided eye. This will help us in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous disease causing pathogens in animals in our care. Optico XSZ-107B Binocular Microscope (retail $795.00)

Storage IBC Tubs

We need water storage tubs to hold sea water for venomous sea snakes and sea bird rehabilitation. Double IBC Bunded Pallet (retail $2500.00)

Automated Haematology Machine

We would be able to carry out blood work important in the assessment of sick and injured animals brought into our care. Please get in touch if you can help with this.

Pro-Vet Dual Rotor Centrifuge

A centrifuge would enable us to separate blood fluids to determine packed cell volume, a measure of the number of red blood cells in an animals blood. Please get in touch if you can help with this.