Sometimes animals cannot be released back into the wild for one reason or another. These are the animals we provide a permanent forever home to. We look after their health and well being, feed them and of course clean up after them, but generally they live their lives as if they were in the wild.

* Native wildlife need to be kept under private license through D.P.I.E (Department of Planning and Environment). We hold a current license for native wildlife and reptiles.


Angel was surrendered to us by her loving owner in early 2021. She is 15 years old and loving life here on the farm with us in her own huge personal enclosure.


Chunk (male bearded dragon) came to us in 2021 neglected and abandoned. We have rehabilitated him and he now lives with us permanently here on the farm in his own sweet bachelor pad.He loves big breakfast’s and lots of snuggles!


When we purchased the Mudgeroo property there were emu’s the previous owner was going to euthanize after the sale went through. We stepped in and said absolutely not, we’ll keep them! We now provide a permanent forever home to 50 beautiful emu’s.


Tinkerbell came to us in January 2022 and has been loving life on the farm with her human and non-human ‘brothers and sisters’. She was a captive buffalo for the majority of her life, and now she has a whole farm to wander around in her retirement.


We have three forever rescue goats on the homestead; Pooh (first pic) found herself at the local pound. Betty (middle pic) turned up at the paddock gate wanting to get in!! Jack (last pic) was wandering on the bush roadside before being bought here to the homestead.


This motley crew were surrendered to us in 2021. The 5 girls were past laying age and in a bad state. Months later and they are starting to heal, as the chicken hierarchy continued to add stress to their already tired little bodies. They still have feathers to grow, and in some places they may never grow back again. But at least with good food, space and dirt to dust bathe in, they are a lot healthier even though they look scrappy. We don’t mind if they never lay eggs again. A happy life is all that matters.


We have 3 turtles as part of the family, and 2 different species. Dog and Tommy are Macquarie River Turtles, and Leo is a Saw Shelled Turtle (very rare this far South of Newcastle). All were pets at some point in their lives, and between the owners being too busy, neglecting the animal or being attacked by the family pooch, they have all found their way here to their forever home. None of them can be released back into the wild as their shells have been damaged and they are too vulnerable alone. We love having them here and seeing their little personalities shine.


Quite possibly one of the deerest 🤪 little babies I have ever cared for. She came to us mid 2022 underweight and very timid. After a few short months she found her feet and has now bonded with Emma the Emu who was the same age as her when she arrived (although who now FAR outsizes her!). She will remain with us her whole life – deer are incredibly nervous and can go into shock if the situation is too stressful for them, she would survive on her own.